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wood, print
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Phillips, David (collected by)
Phillips, David (is related to)
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A large black and white photo of a mother and her two children at the union station from David R. Philllips collection. The mom is in darker clothes and is wearing a scarf around her hair. She is holding a baby that is bundled up in old blankets with a scarf around its head as well. Next to the mom and baby is a younger kid sitting on a bag. The kid is wearing a poka dot skirt, tall socks or pants, black boots, a winter coat, scarf, and a hat on its head. The three of them have a lot of dirt on their faces. There is a luggage case with an inspection sticker on it. In the background there are benches at the union station. On the back there is a small card on the back that says it is supposed to show the loneliness of the people needing to immigrate.
From the David R. Phillips collection in 2004. David R. Phillips has a large collection of historical photographs of Chicago from the 1860s to the 1970s. He has over 100,000 pieces in his collection including original negatives
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