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canvas, paint
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Germenis, Vasilis (created by)
Germenis, V. (is related to)
Germenis, Vasilis (is related to)
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A painting by Vasilis Germenis. The painting is a side view of the girl, who has black hair and has a yellow scarf wrapped around the back of her head. She has a pink colored vest with a white long sleeve shirt that is a pink/red color around the end of the sleeves. She is wearing a long blue skirt and in her left hand is holding a type of tool used for working in the fields. In her other hand she is holding a cup that she is drinking out of. By her feet there is a grey bucket and the land around her is brown with some green grass. In the background you can see two other people in the green fields. There is a dark green hill on the left and in the far background there are light blue and green hills. The sky is a light blue with white clouds.
Vasilis Germenis is a greek painter who lived from 1896-1966.
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