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Pitcher, Syrup
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Grill, Ramova (owned by)
Dinos, Tony (is related to)
Miller, Ward (is related to)
Gertos, Bob (is related to)
Gertos, Bill (is related to)
Object Description
A syrup pitcher that was used at the Ramova Grill and it has the writing in red marker that says, "Ramova Grill." The top piece has a small circular metal peg in the middle to open the container and it is screwed on to the top of the handle that comes up and away from the container. The container's lip curves out to a point on the opposite side of the handle to help with pouring. Inside of the container there is a little brown discoloration from using it for syrup and washing it. The outside of the container has some scratches from being used a lot. The handle curves out from the container and at the top it curves in and down a little until it gets to the cup where is then curves up and out where the top piece is attached.
The Ramova Grill opened in Chicago in 1929 and after 82 years it shut down in 2012. Tony Dinos was from Greece and moved to the United States in 1960 where he started working at the Ramova Grill, his first and only job he has ever had in the United States. He started out as a dishwasher but once he learned English better his uncle, Pete Gertos, promoted him to cook and four years after that he bought in and owned part of the place. In 1965, while working at the grill, Dinos met Liberty Sfondels, whom he would marry just two month later and are still married to this day. The Ramova Grill was known for their pancakes and chili. Dinos got the chili recipe from the original owners and will not give the recipe to anyone, not even his son-in-law who owns a diner in Indiana. Dinos and his partner Bob Gertos have decided to close the grill after working there for 52 years to spend more time with family and travel.
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