Object ID
Object Name
Date Created
December 9, 1966
Oil Paint
Canvas; Metal; Wood
Object Entities
Bilder, Angelo (created by)
Object Description
A single painting, done by Angelo Bilder, of Nick Tzakis, father of one of the National Hellenic Museum's board members. Painting depicts Mr. Tzakis seated, facing stage right, wearing a black suit, red tie, and white undershirt. He also has a white pocket square in his left breast pocket. The background is a dark blue color and the signature of the artist is in the upper left hand corner in black, along with the date. The frame is new, and is gold in color with a white mat.
Angelo Konstantine Bilder, born in Thrace, Turkey, was a prolific artist for the better part of a century. He went to art school at the Dayton Art Institute and the Art Institute of Chicago. In 1928 he married Lelica Joannides and after this time he moved his family between Chicago and Dayton, OH. He painted everything from still lifes to sci-fi pieces, magazine covers, and was an accomplished advertising artist. He also painted portraits, such as that of his friend Nick Tzakis. This painting was donate to the National Hellnenic Museum via Mr. Bilder's daughter, Dorthea Bilder. See additional family history in the donor file.
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