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Gown, Wedding
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Linardos, Tina (is related to)
Linardos, William (is related to)
Linardos, Anna (is related to)
Vernikos, Anna (is related to)
Linardos, Vasili (is related to)
Object Description
This is a wedding dress worn by the donor's mother-in-law. The dress is a faded beige color and is made of a very thin silk material. The dress is knee-length. The top of the dress consists of very delicate and intriquitely-woven lace, as is the bottom third of the dress, and the ends of the sleeves. The center section of the fress is a solid white/beige color with a folded flower pattern on the left proper hip.
This dress was made in Naxos Greece for the wedding of Anna Linardos (Vernikos), the mother-in-law of the donor. She was married in Naxos, Greece on March 10th, 1929. They came to the US on their honeymoon and ended up staying in Sharon, PA. The husband, William (Vasili) Linardos owned and operated a shoe and hat repair shop called Bill's Cozy Corner. While Anna was a housewife. This type of dress is more-or-less typical of more well off families in Greek weddings.
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