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Bank of America Chicago Marathon
Canvas; Metal; Wood
Object Entities
Hornak, Ian (created by)
Hornak, Ian (is related to)
Hornak, Rosemary (is related to)
Hornak Spoutz, Eric (is related to)
Spoutz, Natasha (is related to)
Object Description
A large painting by Ian Hornak. The painting consists of a white pegasus, perched on top of a mountain, with a panoramic view of a lush, green valley in the background. The sky is full of clouds and lightning bolts and the Pegasus' wings are outstretched as if ready to fly. The frame of the painting is thick, light purple in color, with lines of red, brown, and black painted on it.
Ian Hornak is a famous American painter specializing in hyper realism and photorealistic paintings. This specific piece was donated to the National Hellenic Museum, but has also been exhibited in the Katharina Rich Perlow Gallery in New York, the Robert Kidd Gallerying in Birminghan, and the Galleries Maurice Sternberg in Chicago. Although he is not Greek, his love of Greek themes promted him to paint this depiction of a Pegasus.
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