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States, United (created by)
Tzakis, Marianthe (owned by)
Andreakis, Tessie (is related to)
Anastasakis, (is related to)
Tzakis, Marianthe (is related to)
Tzakis, Andrew (is related to)
Tzakis, Dennis (is related to)
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A WWII Red Cross nurse's uniform. The Uniform is stark white, and is short-sleeved. There are 5 buttons running down the front of the uniform which keeps it on. There is a red cross (the international medical symbol) sewn on the left breast of the uniform. There is a single white pocket on the left of the uniform at waist level.

There are two loops, probably for a belt, on either side of the uniform's waist. No beld is present. The front of the uniform is pleated from collar to hem.
Donor's mother and father (Marianthe & Nick Tzakis) were born in Cephalonia, Crete. Donor's father left Cephalonia for Odessa, Russia where he was a purveyor of meats for export to various restaurants. During the Russian Revolution, shorty after WWI, he immigrated to the US.

Donor's mother arrived in the US in 1922 from Cephalonia without a job. She married Donor's father upon arrival and had three children, including ther Donor.

This uniform is from the Donor's mother who was in the Red Cross nurses organization during WWII.
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