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Music, Sheet
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Spiros Safrithis concert
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States, United (created by)
Safrithis, Spiros (is related to)
Safrithis, Spiro (is related to)
Robertson, Christina (is related to)
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A 4-page booklett of hand-written sheet music. Music was originally created by a man named Lambelet and then transcribed, and arranged by Spiros Safrithis, donor's grandfather. The booklet is in good shape, with few frayed edges, ruined binding, or pen and ink stains of various pages.
Spiros Safrithis came to the US from Greece in 1912 as a self-taught musician and composer of choral music. He originally arrived in Washington D.C. where he pioneered a new style of liturgical music wich incorporated polyphonic aspects. For this he was branded a "heretic" and barred from playing in many choir orchestras. However, over the years, his style gained acceptance and he traveled to Baltimore, Jacksonville, Florida, St. Louis, New York, and Chicago to train and lead Greek Orthodox choirs. Spiros Safrithis passed away in Chicago, in 1938, at the age of 57.
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