Object ID
Object Name
Lamp, Candle
Object Collection
Mary Psyhogios (is part of)
Date Created
10.1600000000 cm. Diameter The height includes the chain, and may change depending on how it is displayed., Item (Overall)
Glass; Metal
Object Entities
Pshyogios, Mary (is related to)
Object Description
Painted orb. The pink at the top fades to light blue. It has pink flowers near the top, hanging from a thin brown branch on both sides. The top is copper colored, and features two pulleys on either side of the lid, which is connected to a chain on the lip and hangs through the middle of the orb, connecting to the candle holder at the bottom by thin pieces of metal that stick up from it. The bottom has many holes around the base and a ornate circle attached to the bottom.
A kanidi light used by the Psyhogios family in the previous house. The glass orb would hang from the ceiling and a candle sconce would hang from that orb. Mary Psyhogios's parents, George and Dina Apostolpoulos, were both Mediterranean immigrants. George Apostolpoulos immigrated to the US from Chirathes in 1917 while Dina Apostolpoulos came in 1920 from St. Basil, Tripoli. Mary had three older brothers and two younger sisters and the family grew up i nthe house depicted in the largest image. Mary's father George worked as a fruit and vegetable grocerer on 5th Avenue in Chicago (The Maywood Fruit and Vegetable Market).
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