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Cloth; Wool
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mother, Paul (owned by)
Kachoris, Paul (is related to)
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This is a large rug, made from two hand-sewn-together smaller rugs. The rug is predominantly red in color, with gray, green, blue, black, and yellow stripes, as well as colorful "X" and pyramid-style patters. The ends are are slightly frayed, and the hand-made needlework is showing. Aditionally, the stitching in the center that joins the two smaller rugs is coming loose.
Item was hand-made by Paul Kachoris' grandparents in Evia, Greece. It was passed to his mother, who in turn brought it to America when she immigrated in 1937 with her husband (who left Greece in 1906 to work on the Panama Canal, joined the US Army during WWI for US citizenship, and then returned to Greece and married in 1937, before returning to America). It has since been passed down to Paul Kachoris' after his mother passed away. In Greece, the item was used as a throw rug, as well as a hallway rug.
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