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The Planning of the Greek Revolution
depicts the planning of the Greek Revolution
Oil Paint
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Large oil on canvas. 4 figures (1 religous figure at table, 1 injured solider) Exterior scene at building facade. Individuals said to be planning the Greek Revolution.
This painting hung in the house of Vasilios Zoes in Pireus, Greece. Connie Marinopoulos Coussis, Vasilios' neice, recieved the paining until his death in 1974. Connie brought it to Chicago in 1996. The date of the painting is unknown, but Connie recalled it hanging in her uncle's house during her childhood, 1933-1946. Based on the style of the painting it was mostly likely painted from 1900-1930's. Notable Greek painters such as Georgios Roilos and Nikephoros Lytras (though he was earlier) have similar styles. The priest in the painting could be Father Germanos III of Old Patras who blessed the flag znd declared an uprising aginst the Ottoman Empire on March 25th, 1821. However, he is usually depicted as younger with and with a black beard rather than a fully white one. Similarly, the injured soldier to the right has the same long face with high cheek bones and moustache as Alexander Ypsilantiswho was a leader of Filiki Eteria. However, the painting is stylized enough that it is very difficult to pinpoint exact identities. The older man in yellow who looks down at the priest's papers resembles Theodoros Kolokotronis, a former brigand who gained formal military experience with the British army and went on to become the commander in chief of the Greek rebel forces in the Peloponnese.
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