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Silver; spring plate decorated with striations surmounted upon three striated rings; central biconical ornament bisected by two rings, all striated; on either side spherical ornaments with prominent vertical striations framed by two smaller rings; fleur-de-lis style catch plated decorated on teh side by not touching the pin with a series of small circles added with a punch; the circles are enclosed by a narrow border formed by small cross-hatched striations; the catch is positioned on the top of three striated rigns akin to those under the spring plate.
Donated to the Cyprus Museum in NC by Jonathan H. Kagan on December 3, 1993 With the exception of the catch plate (which appears unique) the fibulae are similar to Phrygian (or Anatolian) bronze fibulae classified as Type L II by Caner. That group based upon spots (primarily Gordion, Bogazkoy and Alisar) appears to be central Anatolian. The type can generally be dated to the seventy-sixth century on the basis of the excavation data. Among the comparable examples with possible sixth century dates are nos. 1078-80 from Level 1 at Buyukkale and no. 1085 found in the Lydian level at Kucuk Huyuk, a small mount by the City Mound at Gordion. That our fibulae have Phrygian prototypes does not imply that they need to be dated earlier than the coins. Muscarella has discerned a pattern of Lydian borrowings in the sixth century of Phrygian types from as early as the eighth century. Among possible imitations are fibulae and bowls of precious metal derived from bronze prototypes. Phrygian-type gold and electrum fibulae were found in the Artemisium deposit at Ephesus. While certainty is impossible, our fibulae are probably from the work of a Lydian or Western Anatolian craftsman rather than a product of Central Anatolia.
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