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Kalemeris, Stan (owned by)
Kalemeris, James (is related to)
Kalemeris, Stan (is related to)
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Wooden Stereoscope with magnified glass windows, metal wire (thick gauge) to place photographs, movable handle which folds parallel to photo holder so it is flat, and then folds down to act as a handle for viewing.
The stereoscope was first debued on a large scale at the 1851 Crystal Palace World's Fair. Looking through the lens at a pair of pictures creates a 3D effect. The tool grew to be very popular with middle class Americans. At the turn of the century stereoscopes began to to transition into public schools as educational aids. Underwood and Underwood produced and distrubuted stereoscopes from 1882 to the 1940's. The images are all from Underwood and Underwood. Stan Kalemeris was a patrol plane commander in Patrol Bombimg Squadron Eighteen in the Pacifc campaign of WW II (c.a.1944).
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