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Bag, Tagari
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Economou, Vasiliki (created by)
Phelus, Demetra (owned by)
Phelus, Dean (is related to)
Phelus, Demetra (is related to)
Economou, Vasiliki (is related to)
Object Description
Woven Tagari, heavy duty bag, brightly colored (Orange, Red, Teal, Cream, and Brown), braided handle with fringe on the end. There are pink threads hanging vertically at the top and attached by orange yarn, except for one end, which may be unfinished.The stripes on the main bag are horizontal and have a basic repeating pattern. There is athin line of orange followed by a thin line of black. After this, there is a thicker line of red, followed by a thin line of black then a thin line of white, then a thick orange line in the middle. and the design repeats on the other side (white, black, red, black, orange). After this, there is a stripe of black with a thin line of orange and a thin line of red outside of it, followed by a thicker line of white to either side. The last pattern that is seen repeated is one with teal in the middle, with a thin black line to either side, followed by a thicker orange line, then another thin black line and a thin red line. The stripe with the black line in the middle is found between every stripe with the orange line in the middle and the one with the teal line. The sides of the bag are held together with red yarn, until about halfway up, where the yarn switches to pink. The strap is orainge, black, and red.
Made by Demetra Koclanis Phelus's maternal grandmother, Vasiliki Pappaioannou Economou. Born: 1865, Died: 1932. From Paleohorion, Kynourias, Greece. Tagaris are traditionally made of wool and consist of one continuous piece of fabric which is then folded in half and the sides are sewn.
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