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circa 1900
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Ladas, P.K. (is related to)
Ladas, Sarah (is related to)
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Hand woven rug in very good condition. Seems to have no fading of colors, which are very bright reds, blues, greens, ivories and pinks woven in a moss colored background. Geometric designs, with a large one in the middle circled by smaller ones. Originally from the village of Alissos, Patras.
Kilim - 90 year old lady who lived in Greece became ill and needed medicine from America. Mr. Ladas sent medicine back to Greece. When they recieved medicine the woman sooned died but prior to her death she left instructions that if Mr. Ladas ever came to Greece Kilim shoule be given to him in appreciation. Mr. Ladas acquired about 40 years ago.
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Rug, circa 1900, National Hellenic Museum, https://collections.nationalhellenicmuseum.org/Detail/objects/8178. Accessed 10/20/21.