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February 26, 1935
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For his placement in the Gendarmerie
Conscription Office of Kalamata

Certifies that
Stamatis Vlahopoulos of Epaminondas, conscript year 1932 MRN 77699 born in Krounes, Olympia, Messenia, underwent the following changes to his military record:

1) October 6, 1932, The No. 157 Conscript for the 9th Infantry Division was deferred
2) September 29, 1933, conscripted following his deferment to the 9th Infantry Division
3) May 25 1934, was transferred to the Armored Battalion
4) November 27, 1934, received furlough
5) December 27, 1934, was discharged by the Armored Battalion and his behavior was excellent.

From the above changes it is derived that he fulfilled all of his military obligations and no monetary obligation exists and he was not discharged due to physical health issues, deferment or as auxiliary.

This document is issued following his request and is to be used in his placement in the gendarmerie.
Kalamata, on February 26, 1935
The Director The Department Director
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Family history in Shared Data, Collections, 2010.2 Vlahos Folder
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