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Syria and Assyria
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Glass; Paper; Wood
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Anonymous, (created by)
Object Description
This is a small map of a portion of the Mediterranean Sea and the regions to the immediate East. In the top left hand corner of the map, "Syria and Assyria" is written. Around the map is a yellow boarder with black stripes. The text of the map is written in English. The areas of significant importance are indicated with color, pink, yellow, green, and blue. A few of the regions labeled are: the Arabian Desert, Syria, Babylonia, Armenia, Asia Minor and Mesopotamia. The map is in a wooden frame, matted on a cream background. The back of the frame has certificates of authenticity attached in addition to a hanging wire. The front of the map is covered in glass.
This map comes as a purchase from the Cyprus Museum. The artist is unknown. The back of the frame indicates that this is a rare handcolored map. There is a lack of information regarding Assyria. It is an ancient kingdom in northern mesopotamia, which is presently in the area of Iraq. The history of Assyria is roughly divided into three periods, known as Old Assyrian, Middle Assyrian and Neo-Assyrian. These terms are in wide use in Assyrology and roughly correspond to the Middle Bronze Age, Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age, respectively. The map dates to 1845, which coincides with significant archaeological discoveries in the area of ancient Assyria. These excavations uncovered the ancient library of Ashurbanipal. As a result of this discovery, a system of deciphering cuneiform was established, leading many remaining Assyrian people to gain a greater sense of Assyrian nationalism. Perhaps these new discoveries were shreds of inspiration towards this map. Maps like this one can be important visuals to identify kingdoms and cities that evolve into being named something new.
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