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DF 215 .B74 1956 c.1
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Hellenic history.
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English (is part of)
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Botsford, George Willis. (created by)
Macmillan, (published by)
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The bronze age -- The middle age -- The city-state -- Colonial expansion and the rise of tyranny -- Sparta and the Peloponnesian league -- Athens and the triumph of democracy -- The civilization of archaic Greece -- The Persian wars -- The Delian league -- The Greek world after Plataea -- The Athenian empire -- The Peloponnesian war -- The Periclean age -- Sparta and Thebes -- Sicily and Magna Graecia -- The rise of Macedon -- Alexander the great -- Greece during Alexander's absence -- Greek civilization in the fourth century -- The new era -- The third century -- The social and economic conditions of the Hellenistic age -- Egypt and Asia under the successors -- The art and literature of the Hellenistic age -- The encroachment of Rome.
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