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Picture, Needlework
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This is a large, very colorful needlepoint piece depicting a very busy scene: seven robed figures, a horse drawn chariot, a baby angel and a robed woman. At the bottom of the piece is some Greek writing. The piece is in a dark wooden frame with lots of decorative patterns and blue in the borders.
This embroidery shows one of the most popular Greek sports, chariot racing. It is unknown when chariot racing began, it may be as early as when the chariot itself was invented. There is evidence on pottery that the sport existed in the Mycenaen world. The first literary reference to chariot racing is inThe Iliad, by Homer at Patroclus' funeral games. It is suggested that chariot racing founded the olympic games. Chariot races were one of the most important equestrain events in the olympics. There were both four horse and two horse races. The races were held in the hippodrome which was situated on the south-east corner of the sanctuary at olympia.
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