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Picture, Woven
Glass; Wood
Object Entities
Latoufis, Helen (created by)
Object Description
Embroidered scene of a man and woman in a garden court.  They are seated by the pool in colorful ethnic clothing, surrounded by a background of hanging red tapestry, birds and flowers.  There is a potted almond tree with soft pink flowers and buds on the left.   Vines with soft pink flowers that resemble oakleaf Hydrangea stretch across the top of the picture from an overhead trellis.  There are ornamental architectural arches, a garden wall and a vibrant blue sky with a large dove flying in it visible in the background.
Helen Latoufis was born in Githio, Greece on Dec. 14, 1903 and passed away April 21, 1996. She was a superb seamstress and made many wedding dresses. This embroidery took three years to design and complete.
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