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Picture, Woven
Dream of Youth (in Greek)
Date Created
1907 – 1908
Silk; Wood
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This is a textile mural, made of varied threads and fabric materials.  It depicts a young man wearing a lavender toga and a young woman wearing a long white dress in an ornate gondola surrounded by nature. A small angel or cherub navigates the gondola through still blue water surrounded by trees and vegetation colored in various shades of green.  The man and woman are sitting side by side, her head rests tenderly on his left shoulder while he holds her right hand.  In the foreground, there are birds perched in the surrounding trees and an island depicted in the distant background. The piece is in a gold frame with a hanging wire attached to the back.
Donated by Peter J. Koukos in 1995. Marika Lambropoulos is mother of the donar. She worked with silk worms as a young girl and was a gifted dressmaker as an adult. Embroidery on silk, entitled '"Dream of Youth". Made Larissa or Tyrnavos, Thessaly. Part of Marika Lambropoulos, dowry in 1907-1908. Married to Nicholas Dimitrious Koukos he was 23 and she was 16.
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