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Certificate, Membership
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August 4, 1931
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Douglas, e (is related to)
Dilboy, George (is related to)
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This is a charter for the George Dilboy chapter of the Disabled American Veterans of the World War, the 13th chapter of Illinois. The document was signed on August 4, 1931. Fifty-three people signed the charter for membership. There is a foil seal at the bottom with a tri-colored ribbon. The document is framed in a simple, dark wooden frame.
This is a charter from the George Dillboy chapter of the Disabled American Veterans of the World War, 13th chapter of Illinois. It was donated by Gene Douglas.

George Dillboy is thought the be the first Greek-American to receive the Medal of Honor during WWI for leading an attack on a machine gun position and continueing to fire at the enemy despite being seriously wounded. He killed two people, and helped disperse the rest of the attack.

The citation on his medal of honor reads, "After his platoon had gained its objective along a railroad embankment, Pfc. Dilboy, accompanying his platoon leader to reconnoiter the ground beyond, was suddenly fired upon by an enemy machine gun from 100 yards. From a standing position on the railroad track, fully exposed to view, he opened fire at once, but failing to silence the gun, rushed forward with his bayonet fixed, through a wheat field toward the gun emplacement, falling within 25 yards of the gun with his right leg nearly severed above the knee and with several bullet holes in his body. With undaunted courage he continued to fire into the emplacement from a prone position, killing 2 of the enemy and dispersing the rest of the crew."

He was born in the Greek Settlement of Alatsata in Ottoman Turkey, in Asia Minor. His family moved to America in 1908, but he returned to greece in 1909 to fight with Greece in the First Balkan War. He fought in the Mexian Boarder war from 1916-1917, he earned honorable discharge. Several months later he rejoined the American Army to fight in WWI. He was killed in 1918 at the age of 22.

The Disabled American Veterans was formed after WWI, when soliders returned home with the disadvantage of being hurt with little help from the government. This particular chapter is named after George Dillboy.
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