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Vranas, Bill (is related to)
Mitchell, Helen (is related to)
Mitchell, Michael (is related to)
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Orangish/Yellow candle attached at base to long white satin ribbon tied in bow. White/silverish wax flowers and bulbs attached to wire spring up from the bow along the stem of the candle, accompanied by plastic leaves. Decoration at the base is attached to candle with wire that extends around the back and is covered by a thinner white ribbon. At a second location higher on the candle shaft, a thin ribbon holds the top of the decoration in place. The wax has melted over these ribbons to one side. Wax has melted extensively to right side of candle, creating multiple layers and ridges of dried wax. Some wax has dripped down on to the ribbon itself. There is a small gouge in the candle toward the center top, with a ridge of dried wax alongside. Ribbon is wrinkled and bow rather crumpled. Ends of ribbon are discolored with various dark spots and bottom edges are beginning to fray. There are 3 small pinprick holes in the ribbon, 2 on the top strand, 1 on the bottom.
Belonged to Helen & Michael Mitchell. Used in wedding setting.
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