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Oil Paint
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This is a colored oil painting depicting a Cretan man in profile. The man appears to be middle-aged. He is bearded, wearing a cap of some kind, a green collared shirt, blue vest and has a red bag slung over his shoulder. The painting is in an ornately embellished gold and bronze frame.
Mary Betinis donated this painting of a Cretan man in memory of her husband, James, who was a native of Crete. In 1916, a Chicagoan and Suburban fraternity for a Pancretan Association was founded, with only 50 members. As time went on, the association began to grow. When James Betinis was elected president, he expressed the wish for the establishment of a Cretan Federation for the whole of America. This idea was supported by many, and provoked the creation of more associations. At a 1948 convention in Pittsburgh, the first Cretan Youth of America was organized. James Betinis was elected as treasurer. James Betinis passed away in 1997.
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