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Spartin, William (owned by)
Spartin, William (is related to)
Furla, Maria (is related to)
Object Description
This long wooden pestle is deivided into handle and shaft. The handle is about half of the body. It is capped at the tip with a smoth cylendrical knob that quickly tightens so that the main part of the handle is considerably larger. The handle curves smoothly so that it fits nicely into the palm of your hand.At the widest point of the handle there are three skinny brown lines the encircle the handle. There is another small line at the smallest point between the handle and the tip. Where the handle curves back to a smaller circumfrence at the center of the body it then expands for the shaft of the pestle. This half of th instrument is smooth and gradually gains circumference. The bottom is slighly rounded instead of being perfectly flat. The entire pestle has been smoothed down but is still slightly rough. There are a couple dark marks along its body.
This item was previously owned by William Spartin. Based on the worn condition of both pieces there is a fair chance that they were used. The Greek name for mortar and pestle is "goudi and goudoberi." These utensils are a staple of Greek cooking and can be found in virtually any kitchen.
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