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Object Name
Date Created
March 12, 2013, 1921
Object Entities
Manufactured, (created by)
Dervisis, Vasilios (owned by)
Dervisis, Vasillios (is related to)
Dervis, Alexandra (is related to)
Dervis, George (is related to)
the Balkans, Royalty (is related to)
Object Description
A scarf featuring portraits of royalty of Balkans (Bulgaria, Montenagro, Serbia and Greece and Italy). The edges resemble a drawn, red curtain of a stage with gold fringe. From the corners of the towel hang two golden tassles hanging from a bow. In the top center of the scarf there is a crown. The portraits of each royal figure in their finest is boreded with red printed X's as though sewn on. Each person has their name and country printed under their portraits. In the middle an American flag is in a red X border.
A collection of textiles that belonged to Vasilios and Alexandra (Muyias) Devisis. Donated by George W. Dervis. Object dated circa 1921.
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Scarf, March 12, 2013, 1921, Collection of Vasilios and Alexandra (Muyias) Dervisis, National Hellenic Museum, https://collections.nationalhellenicmuseum.org/Detail/objects/7854. Accessed 12/05/20.