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cotton; linen
Object Entities
Hadzisteliou, Evangelia (created by)
Price, Theidra (owned by)
Price, Theidea (is related to)
Hadzisteliou, Evangelia (is related to)
Object Description
White apron with two pockets made with sheer white linen with raised polka dots. Along the borader of the apron and the pockets there is lace detailing. The belt would hit at the waist and is made in the same linen as the rest of the apron, the left side of the belt is longer than the right. The tips of the belt is lined with lace. Above the waist belt is an addition flap of fabric, half oval shape and is also lined with lace. There is a small yellow stain about two inches from the left pocket. Another small speck of yellow in the center between the two pockets.
This apron was designed and sawn by Evangelia Hadzisteliou, born in Smyra in 1898; she fled to Athens with her family to escape the Turks in the burning of Smyrna in 1922. She had her son in 1934 and her daughter, Theodora, in 1938.She passed away in Athen in 1978. She was a very talented painter and emboidery designer and worked as such in Athens. Somewhere in her life she passed it down to her daughter Theodora.
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