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19th century
58.5800200000 cm. H x 47.4675200000 cm. W Dimensions include the fringe, and may change depending on how the textile is displayed., Item (Overall)
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Price, Theodora (is related to)
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19th century embroidered traditional greek costume apron. Geometric embroidered pattern on bottom, rose, branches on top. The main color of the apron is dark blue. It has a furlike fringe around the bottom edge and halfway up the sides which is red, yellow, and grey. The apron has four red loops at the top, the outermost of which has cords tied on them. The left cord is thick and brown, while the right cord is thin and braided. Around the edge of the apron, there is a red border with blue and white in the middle. The back of the apron is completely dark blue. The bottom part of the apron has rows of white stitching in various geometric designs, including zigzags and diamond shapes. In the middle of the geometric designs, there is a row of red and yellow shapes that look like spirals with the outside edge straight. The colors alternate. There is another pattern which has red and yellow dots in between the white design. Above this, there is a hill-like pattern with anthemia underneath the highest parts of the hill. Above the hills, there are roselike patterns with a design that looks like a trident surrounding them, and a vertical red and yellow border to either side. This entire design is repeated facing downward near the top of the apron. The back of the apron is dark blue as well.
The donor bought this apron from Greek villagers in the outskirts of Thessaloniki, near ancient Pella, when she was working as an archaeologist in the excavations of Professor Makaronas (now deceased) in 1963. The apron has designs of ancient Greek Anthemia or "palmettes," which are stylized palm branches. This is a traditional Greek costume apron from North Greece. According to the donor, it is a rather rare design with a lot of "applicked" embroidery.
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