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Cotton; Metal; Velvet
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Vellos, Louis (owned by)
O'Connell, Carolyn (is related to)
Vellos, Louis (is related to)
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Blue velvet vest with silver buttons, and embroidery, red cotton lining. Part of Children's Foustanella.

The outside of the Jacket is made of dark blue velvet. The sleeves are not closed. The inner arm is not sewn together at the seam. On both sleeves the front panel has an embriodery in gold and white string. The embriodery is a single line that moves around to form a figure. On the bottom, the figure is a single line with two small circles coming from the line, as one moves up the figure, it becomes larger. The figure covers the first half of the sleeve. On the cuff sleeve, brown wavy ribbon with white specks in it are sewed into the blue velvet with white string. The ribbon is a single line that starts at the end of the arm and makes a curve, the ribbon wraps around a makes another curve on the back side of the sleeve. A straight dark gold and white ribbon lines the entire sleeve.

The collar of the vest has the dark gold wavy ribbon lining the top and bottom of the collar.

The front of the body of the vest, two dark gold wavy ribbons go from top to bottom at a curve. They are at the sides of the vest. The same is for both panels that make up the front of the vest. Close to the opening in the middle of the vest there is a single strand of the wavy ribbon going from top to bottom. A straight gold and white ribbon line the bottom of the vest and the edge at the opening in the middle. In between the two wavy gold ribbons is a single gold and white straight string that is embroidered figure with only one piece of string. The figure looks vaguely like a plant or leaf. On each panel that are three metal buttons. The buttons are near the two pieces of wavy ribbon. One button is near the collar, one is in the middle, and the third button is near the bottom.

The back of the vest has the straight gold and white ribbon that lines the bottom. The gold wavy ribbon forms a triangle that spans the entire back. On the bottom of the vest the ribbon starts close to the center goes up to the shoulder, across the back, and down to almost the center. Another string of gold wavy ribbon follows the same course just within the first ribbon. Gold and white string form a figure within the triangle that the wavy ribbon created. The figure is almost symmetrical with both halves. The figure starts smaller with little small loops coming out of it and then gradually becomes bigger.

The interior of the vest is red knitted fabric. In the middle, near the collar is as tag. There are large letters in Greek in blue and under the blue letters smaller letters in Greek that are in red.
This vest was donated on the behalf of Louis Vellos who brought it over from Greece in the early 1950s.

The vest is part of the Amalia style of dress. The look includes a loose-fitting shirt, an embroidered vest, Tsarouxia (shoe), Fez (hat) and fustanella which is a skirt-like garmet. The stocking is part of a child's Foustanella. The Foustanella is the official uniform of the Evzones who are the Presidential Guards. The Foustanella is the official costum for men.
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