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Bag, Tagari
28.8925000000 cm. W x 39.2125200000 cm. L Length includes tassels but doesn't include the handle. Since this is a textile, the dimensions may change depending on how it is displayed., Item (Overall)
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Gregory, Mary (is related to)
Object Description
Rectangular, woven bag made up of white, black, tan and peach wool. It has a twisted, white handle that continues down the vertical sides of the bag. Slight fraying along the inside seams, but with little evidence of creasing or staining. In the middle of the bag, there is a black stripe with white X's with dots above and below them and the outlines of circles to either side. It has a black and white border. Above and below this, there is a stripe of tan wool followed by a peach stripe framed with a black and white border followed by a white stripe with a black dashed line and another black and white border. The top and the bottom of the bag are tan.
Tagaris could be used as purses or to hold various goods. They could also be a part of a woman's dowry. In some cases the woman would make the bag completely by hand, from the shearing of the sheep to the weaving of the tagari.
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