• Mold, Cake
Mold, Cake
Mold, Cake
Mold, Cake

Object ID
Object Name
Mold, Cake
Object Collection
Angelo's Bakery (is part of)
18.5750200000 cm. H x 5.2400200000 cm. W x 31.59252 cm. L Length includes handles., Item (Overall)
Object Entities
Tolios, Angelo (is related to)
Tolios, Patricia (is related to)
Object Description
Small aluminum lamb shaped bake mold (back piece). Surface inscription "MAL" on the neck. There are two handles on each side of the lamb. There are two holes in the base of the piece, as well as a small rod of metal sticking out at what would be the back of the lamb's head.
This was used in Angelo's Bakery in Berwyn, IL. Lamb molds were typically used during Easter time.
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