Object ID
Object Name
Mold, Cake
Object Collection
Angelo's Bakery (is part of)
19.2100200000 cm. Diameter, Item (Overall)
Object Entities
Tolios, Angelo (is related to)
Tolios, Patricia (is related to)
Object Description
Small silver colored rum/torte cake baking mold. The pan resembles an angel food cake pan. It has a pinwheel design that radiates from the middle and expands toward the edges. There is a plain rim that slopes outward around the edges. There is a cone shaped piece of metal jutting through the middle of the pan with a hole at the top that goes completely through. There is a small dent on the side and slight rusting in the bottom.
This was used in Angelo's Bakery in Berwyn, Illinois.

Rum cake is a cake that contains rum and usually some type of fruit that has been soaked in rum, such as plums or raisins. It also usually has brown sugar or carmel.

A torte cake is a multilayered cake that usually contains whipped cream, buttercream, mousses, jams, or fruit. Tortes generally have sweet frosting.
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