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Pitcher, Measuring
Object Collection
Angelo's Bakery (is part of)
14.4475200000 cm. H x 12.8600200000 cm. W x 14.7650200000 cm. L Length is from handle to brim. Width is across brim perpendicular to length., Item (Overall)
Object Entities
Tolios, Angelo (is related to)
Tolios, Patricia (is related to)
Object Description
Cylinderical aluminum pitcher with wide brim, and three evenly spaced ridges. Text on the left side of the handle reads "For Household Use Only." There is a maker's mark on the bottom, which reads "No. 841 Wear-Ever" under which is a circle with two lines going across it and intersecting at right angles. In each of the sections of the circle, there is a star. On the horizontal line, it reads "Aluminum" while the vertical line says "TACU Co." Underneat this sign it says "Trademark, Made in U.S.A." Part of the lip on the top of the pitcher has come off, leaving a rough metal edge exposed
This pitcher was used in Angelo's Bakery in Berwyn, IL. EverWear cookware products were the first aluminum products widely available to consumers. This is due to a new inexpensive smelting process developed by Charles Hall, who in turn needed money to fund his research, which led him to partner with Alfred Hunt, and the Aluminum Company of America was founded, who then chose to produce EverWear products to raise money.
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