Object ID
Object Name
Cake Filler
Object Collection
Angelo's Bakery (is part of)
Date Created
47.625 cm. H x 45.72 cm. L x 20.32 cm. Diameter Length includes the lever and spout., Item (Overall)
Aluminum; Iron
Object Entities
Company, Ekco (created by)
Tolios, Angelo (owned by)
Object Description
A metal cake filler. The top part is made of aluminum. It is an open cylinder with a funnel-shaped bottom. The base is made of iron or steel. It has a wide bottom and a narrow cylinder that is welded to the aluminum top. There is a lever mechanism attached to the top and a hollow metal tube attached to the base. The lever pushes a plunger down into the base. Text around the inner part of the base says "Ekco Products Company - Chicago, U.S.A." and the text around the outer part says "Katzinger Cake Filler" and "Patented".
This is a cake filler produced by Ekco Products Company. This kind of cake filler was originally invented by Edward Katzinger and was patented in 1915 as a "Cake or dough filling device". It is primarily used for filling cakes or donuts with cream, jelly, or other fillings. Presumably, the basin would be filled with the appropriate filling and then the spout would be inserted into the pastry. When the lever was pressed down, the filling would be injected into the pastry. This particular cake filler was apparently used at Angelo's Bakery in Berwyn, Illinois in the mid-to-late 1900s.
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