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Benell, Abraham (created by)
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Three Roman arches with ashlar masonry and titled "An Archway" in grisaille at the bottom of the image, framed in a highly embellished frame.
"An Archway" one of four peices by artist Abraham G. Benell. Done with pencil and water color. Dated 1929 and signed by the artist. Donated by wife, Clara H. Benell

These archways are with ashlar masonry. Ashlar is prepared stone work (i.e., dressed, cut) of any type of stone. Masonry using such stones laid in parallel courses is known as ashlar masonry. Ashlar blocks are rectangular cuboid blocks that are masonry sculpted to have square edges and smooth faces.

Ashlar blocks were used in the construction of many old buildings as an alternative to brick. Generally the external face is smooth or polished; occasionally it can be decorated by small grooves achieved by the application of a metal comb. (This process is usually used only on a softer stone ashlar block. The decoration is known as mason's drag.)[
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