Object ID
Object Name
69.2150000000 cm. H x 50.9600200000 cm. W Measurements include shelf, Item (Overall)
Ceramic; Plastic; Wood
Object Entities
Drugas, Theodore (is related to)
Object Description
Ceramic evzone on wall mounted shelf, figure holding shepherd staff and komboldi. The stature depicts a man with brown hair, a large nose and a moustashe. His cheeks are pink. He is wearing a black shirt, white pants, white socks, and black shoes. He has a string of yellow beads over his right arm, which is holding the staff. He is also wearing a red hat with a black ball on top and black trim around the lower edge. The shelf is of a dark colored wood, where the evzone was attached to it.
An evzone is a greek infantry soldier. The statue depicts the typical uniform for evoze. Today, evzone refers to the Presidental guards. The distinctive clothing comes has origins in the klephts, who rebelled against occupation by the Ottoman empire. This stature was meant to hang on the wall.
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