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Object Name
37.6250200000 cm. W x 125.8900200000 cm. L Length included apron ties. Since this is a textile, the dimensions may change depending on how it is displayed., Item (Overall)
Cotton; Polyester
Object Entities
Petrakis, Kathryn (is related to)
KAVOULAKIS, ASPACIA (is related to)
Object Description
White crocheted apron with chocolate brown edge and interior detailing. The apron is made so it is thinner at the waist than the bottom. It has three triangles on the apron, made by crocheting the threads closer together. The rest of the apron has many holes in the design. The apron has one thin brown stripe on the bottom, followed by two medium sized brown stripes, then one thick brown stripe near the top. The ties of the apron are white and look gridlike with a line zigzagging through it.
Aspacia Kavoulakis was from Kefalia, Crete. She was born in 1897. She arrived on Ellis Island on December 18, 1920. She married Petros Kavoulakis and settled in western Pennsylvania. She was known in Pittsburgh, where she lived, for her pastries. One of her specialties was galatobourikou. Galaktoboureko is a Greek dessert of semolina custard in filo. It may be made in a pan, with filo layered on top and underneath and cut into square portions, or rolled into individual servings. It is served or coated with a clear, sweet syrup.
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