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Demetrios, St. (is related to)
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Silver hanging kandili. THere are 3 round sections to it, the lowest being a round silverpiece, then comes a larger center piece with ornate vine designs that curl up it and three handles, also in the shape of vine designs. The top part of the Kandili is in a rounded cup shape with triangles going up the side of it. At the very to of that is a puched-out cross-fence design. A part of this has been folded in. Connected to the top of the handles are three chains; one connected to each handle. The Chianes are in enlongated shape with a cross shape at each end. They connect to a top piece which hangs.
Used at St. Demetrios Orthodox Church in Chicago, Il. for over 30 years. Kandilis are lamps that hang in front of icons in orthodox churches and in personal homes of orthodox christians. They traditionally are lit with oil and are lit once a day. The flame represents Christs sacrifice and the eternal mercy of God. Kandilis typicall ytend to be silver but in some cases have a round glass bulb in a variety of colors.
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