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Demetrios, St. (is related to)
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Silver hanging kandili. There are 3 boulbus sections. the lower most section has a small loop at the bottom. the part of the kandili itself is bolbous with a rounded line the encircles the middle of it. There is also some brown substance which seems to be sparrted at one side of it. from there is a stem that connects this to the middle and largest section of the kandili. THere is a lotus like design that twists slightly up to the first half of the section. the leaves alternate plain and ornate spiraled leaf designs. Above this, the center of the section justs out to a ledge that goes all the way around and ocnnects the upper parts of the handles. The upper half od the section has ornate leaf like designs that point to the upper part of the kandili. THe 3rd section, and highest point of the kandili is shaped like a cup. There are diamond and triangle shaped impressions around the outside. at the center of the triangle impressions are leaf or fern like designs. At the top of the cup is a punched out crown with alernating oval and circle shapes. Around the center of the kandili are 3 handles. They connect to the kandili at two points; the upper point at the centerof the kandili and the lower point at thelower 3rd of the kandili's middle section. On one side there is maroon paint.The handles are formed from strips of metal into designs reminiscent of stems and leaves with an ornate piece in the center that is round and has 4 stems and 4 leaves alternating aorund the piece, connecting it to the rest of the handle. Connected to the top of each handle is a chain which connects the hanging piece of the kandili. The chain links are thick and alternate between rounded rings and long pieces which have rounded cross shapes at each end. The top piece of the kandili which these connect to and which the rest of the kandili suspends from is rounded at the top and open at the bottom which flares outward at hte edges. It has 2 teirs upward and at the top is a loop with a hole drilled at the bottom.
Used at St. Demetrios Orthodox Church in Chicago, Il. for over 30 years. Kandilis are lamps that hang in front of icons in orthodox churches and in personal homes of orthodox christians. They traditionally are lit with oil and are lit once a day. The flame represents Christs sacrifice and the eternal mercy of God. Kandilis typically tend to be silver but in some cases have a round glass bulb in a variety of colors.
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