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Object ID
Object Name
Certificate, Immigration
Date Created
September 19, 1951
12.5425200000 cm. W x 7.4625200000 cm. L, Item (Overall)
Object Entities
Demetrakakes, Constantine (owned by)
Frangos, Diane (is related to)
Demetrakakes, Constantine (is related to)
Object Description
Small, paper immigration identification card for Constantine Demetrakakes. Printed on the front is, "(THIRD CLASS)", "IMMIGRATION IDENTIFICATION CARD" , "THIS CARD MUST BE SHOWN TO THE EXAMINING OFFICER AT PORT OF ARRIVAL". Followed by this is "Name of passenger" , "DIMITRACAKIS Constantin" , "Name of ship" , "ARGENTINA." , "Name appears on Return, sheet 4 line 2". Beneath this, the card is divided into two sections. One on the left is labeled for a "Medical Examination Stamp". There is a "LANDED IMMIGRANT" stamp and a punch hole in the shape of the number four. The one on the right is a "Civil Examination Stamp". There is a "TF" stamp as well as an oval shaped stamp that reads "CANADIAN IMMIGRATION SEP 19 1951 HALIFAX.N.S". In the top right corner is an ID number "Imm. 183". At the bottom of the card, something has been written in blue ink but has been crossed out. On the back, there are printed instructions in different languages enclosed by a black lined border. Essentially, the instructions state "This card should be kept carefully. It should be shown to government officials whenever required." The top right corner is slightly creased. There is a black smudge at the top of the front side as well as a pink mark. The top of the back side has a similar black smudge.
This is a small identification document for Constantine Demetrakakes' immigration entrance into Canada from the ship "Argentina", stamped at Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada on September 19, 1951. This gift was donated on behalf of the source's aunt Angela Gatsos Demetrakakes. It appears as there is a relation between the aunt and the owner of this immigrant identification card.
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