• Shoe, Tsarouxia
Shoe, Tsarouxia
Shoe, Tsarouxia
Shoe, Tsarouxia
Shoe, Tsarouxia
Shoe, Tsarouxia

Object ID
Object Name
Shoe, Tsarouxia
Date Created
6.1925200000 cm. W x 12.5425200000 cm. L The dimensions take into account the pom pom., Item (Overall)
Leather; Wool
Object Entities
Farmakis, Daisy (owned by)
Farmakis, Daisy (is related to)
Object Description
Tsarouxia (leather shoes) in infant size. Brownigh-red with green and tan stitching along foot opening. Wool pom-pom on toe of each shoe (blue, green, tan, yellow). Brown interior. The back of the school has a black patch.
These type of shoes are traditional Greek footwear. They were commonly worn up until Greek independence in the 19th century, after which they were only worn in rural areas due to the westernisation of cities. They are also a part of the dress uniform for the Evzone. The pom pom was originally placed on the end of the shoes in order to make it waterproof.
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