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Object Name
128.9050000000 cm. W x 185.4200000000 cm. L, Item (Overall)
Object Description
A comforter made of satin and cotton. The front piece is made of gold-colored satin, while the back piece is made of a yellow-colored material, likely cotton. It is unknown what material the stuffing is made out of. Both sides of the comforter are stitched in a diamond pattern, with three lines around the edges.
This comforter was made in Greece in around 1920. It was originally given to Elizabeth Zissimopoulos and her husband, George Zaverdas, as a wedding gift, but was left behind when they immigrated to Chicago in 1922. Elizabeth's brother, Dimitri Zissimopoulos, later gave it to her son, Nicholas Zaverdas, when he visited in 1976.
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