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White crochete jacket. On the lower half of the jacket the yarn is made into a puff ball like design and on the very top of this, at the waist of the jacket, there is a silk like, blue belt that intertwines with the puff design. This puff design is also on the sleeves of the jacket (full length), but does not go all the way to the shoulder. The the end of the sleeves, at the top side of it, there is a blue ribbon tied up in a bow. On the chest and shoulders of the piece is done in a traditional crochete pattern. The neckline is in that same patter but in a wider/looser way. There is a string that is spun through the neckline and comes out and down the full height of the jacket and has pom poms at the end.
Crocheted and kintted by Theodora Prce herself in the early 1970's. She had left Greece in 1962 for graduate studies in England, after which she worked for a bit in the University of Sydney, and then migrated to America in 1967, to New York and later came to Chicago in 1968. She taught Greek art and Archaeology at the University of Chicago. When she was pregant with her first son she quit teaching and researching and did fulltime preperation for motherhood. This piece was finised before her sons birth.
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