• Flask, Pocket
Flask, Pocket
Flask, Pocket
Flask, Pocket

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Flask, Pocket
Date Created
Leather; Wood
Object Description
Large wooden flask used for water or wine is a souvenir. Its main section is round (not perfectly circular) with circles engraved/lightly carved onto its belly. There is also carved on one side near teh spout a Greek phrase and the year 1960 with four stars. The top has a stopper that is also wooden and is attached to the flask by a small piece of leather. There is also a small pedestal like element that has been attached to the flask's bottome. There are leather elements serving as trimming--an X shape on either side of the flask's belly and two pieces that outline the roundness of the flask's sides. The leather elements are secured with brass colored studs. There is also remnents of a leather strap for the flask to be worn on the body.
The flask's circular shape vaguely resembles the general forms and sometimes even carving designs of this particular flask. There does not appear to be a direct connection to a specific antecedent. The flask's rotund body actually recalls a canteen and its purposes rather than the flasks of popular culture. Regardless of whether it is a canteen or a flask, this item's primary purpose was to perform as a vessel for water or wine--though as a souvenir, this was likely more of a novelty item that served decoratively rather than functionally.
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