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Object Name
Date Created
157.4800000000 cm. W x 183.5150000000 cm. L, Item (Overall)
Object Entities
Frangos, Frank (owned by)
Object Description
A knitted wool blanket. The blanket is made of many hexagonal pieces sewn or knitted together. Most of the pieces are red, however some of the pieces look like they were originally knitted from red thread and then dyed black. The edge of the blanket is made up of red hexagons. Inside of this is a rectangle of black hexagons. The rest of the blanket, inside the black rectangle, is made of red hexagons.
This blanket, along with the other textiles in the donation, was presented to Frank N. Frangos in 1949 in Kontreva in appreciation of his support of the village. Kontreva is a village near Tripoli, Arcadia, in the Peloponnese region. Frank was born in 1908, and immigrated to the United States in 1922.
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