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Cotton; Rayon
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Square baby blanket. White with light blue, satin boarder which is about three and a half inches The inside edge of the boarder has a whte stitching. In the center of the blanket there is an image of a boy and a girl gardening. Both are a lgiht pink with blue stitching to define them. The ground and plant life are also stitched with blue sting. The girl is holding a watering can and watering four small flowers. The boy is holding a shovel and digging up the ground. Next to the boy is a stitch of a tree and next to the girls are two tulips and possily images of clouds. The back of the blanket is completely blank.
Created by Penolope Neokos. She was born in Greece in 1899. In later years she came to the United States with her husband Nickolas, also native to Greece, where they became citizens of Illinois and lived in the city of Chicago. While in Chicago her and her husband lived with her brother along with her two sons (Ernie and John) and their one daughter (Frances).
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