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1915 – 1920
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Neokos, Ernie (is related to)
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Silk ivory midlength dress with full length sleeves. Neck line is a slight scoop neck. Starting at the middle of the neckline amd going down as far as the waist is a beaded design. The starting strip is a vertical pattern of zigzags with a dimand shape in between. At the waist line, coming up about three and a half inches is a half circle of bead work; within this half circle is a filagre like design of beading. Then ribbons for the belt starts about four inches away from the sides and would be brought around to the back side and bowed. The full length sleeves are ended with a slight pleat and have extra silk coming off the coff so it could be tightened and bowed. Just below the bead work is the start of the dropped waist. At the waist line the skirt is pleated and plain. The hem line was raised a little over three inches. The back is plain of all design. There is staining in both arm pits and most of the beads have lost there original color and are now clear.
During the war, WWI, several trends that had roots in the decades prior to the war, were rapidly accelerated by wartime conditions. For instasnce There was a dye shortage so brightly colored dress was very uncommon. Also during the war there was a relaxation of the formal rules of attire which had bound men and women's dress since early in the Victorian era. So at this period the hem lines were raise from full length the mid-claf. Since the particular dress is made of a finer material and bead work put in it would seem to be used more for special occassions rather than everyday wear.
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Dress, 1915 – 1920, National Hellenic Museum, https://collections.nationalhellenicmuseum.org/Detail/objects/7312. Accessed 11/26/20.