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circa 1950
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Manufactured, (created by)
Neokos, Ornie (is related to)
Object Description
Short white women's glove, would come about two inches down the wrist. There are three yellow stitches on the top of the hand, one closest to the thumb is coming undone. Small purple stain in between the pinky and ring finger. On the back side of the glove are two tan snap buttons on the wrist area.
From the mid-1800s onwards, jean, sateen, and taffeta gloves were introduced. In the 1950s, nylon gloves, knitted in a variety of weights, textures, and colors, became trendy. Novelties in fabric gloves included: adding fringes or tassels at the wrist or on the cuffs; inserting gussets of lace at the back of the gloves or on the wrists; edging the wrists with ribbons and flowers, either real or artificial; embroidering the top of the gloves or the cuffs with gold, silver, and colorful threads; and, adding pearls, beadwork, or monograms to grace the gloves. Short gloves were generally worn in daytime or when wearing long sleeves. Also the lighter weight in material suggests warmer weather gloves.
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