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Neokos, Ernie (is related to)
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Small decoractive pillowcase. Brown fabirc with paint. The scene is of the cross which is plainted with a light brown color and added dark brown to create the apperance of wood. Multiple flowers are at its base: roses, lillies, peony, alstroemeria, aster, and hypericum. There are two rose, both next to each other and at the bottom of the cross; one painted in a light pink with dark pink for shadowing and a light green with a darker green for shadow. There are two lillies, both painted with a light purple with navy, orange and a slight darker purple on the inner portion and sit under the roses. The peony, which wraps on on the cross is in a light pink with darker pink for definition. The astre are in a light blue with yellow center and are sitting directly next to the cross and strectch up to the center of it. The hypericum have orange center and darj green stem/ covering and are on the right side of the cross, coming up next to it and have a height to its center. The flap that would have beem connected to it to make this a pillow case is missing and there is fraying of the fabric.
Created by Penolope Neokos. She was born in Greece in 1899. In later years she came to the United States with her husband Nickolas, also native to Greece, where they became citizens of Illinois and lived in the city of Chicago. While in Chicago her and her husband lived with her brother along with her two sons (Ernie and John) and their one daughter (Frances). Seeing as this was made in Greece, it is fair to assume that this could have been used as a part of her dowry during her marrage to Niclolas and would have been brought over during their move to America.
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