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32.5450200000 cm. H x 22.7025200000 cm. L, Item (Overall)
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Replica of frieze from classical period C. 450 B.C. engraved in Greek writing, incomplete edges, metal hook in back, sticker from maker on back along with impressed silver-colored seal declaring it a museum copy. The writing is mostly on the right side. The top right corner has a bit of a lip. The sticker on the back reads "Copy from a frieze which decorated an ancient temple throughout Greece during the classical period 450 BC. Hand Made in Greece by Theodoros." With a Greek flag in the middle, and writing in Greek below Theodoros. There is also a seal which reads "Museum Copy, Hand Made in Greece" with an owl in the middle of it.
The seal on the back of the frieze copy is of an Athenian coin. In the top left is an olive twig with three leaves. this type of coin dated back to 5th century BC.
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